"XENION II- Summoning Familiarity"

AS Gallery - Agapi Smpokou in collaboration with the Match More Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania - Olivepress, presents the exhibition " XENION II- Summoning Familiarity"  curated by Dr. Konstantinos V. Proimos, Ioannis N. Archontakis and Agapi Smpokou which is part of „ XANIart 2017“. The theme of the exhibition is an open invitation to host the works of artists from abroad who either chose to live and create in Greece, or artists interested in our country’s cultural and artistic scene.

The curators documented and exhibit 20 works of contemporary art and jewellery by artists who  are not part of the trodden rut of artistic production with traditional or modern Greek references and roots but bring their own cultural and energetic experiences from different places of origin as well as their inspirations.

In AS Gallery hosted works by Radu Belcin, Andrea Carnemolla, Matthew Halpin, Stella Johnson, Canuto Kallan, Uli Klepanski, Yi-Zheng Lin, Jan Woodward- Liodaki, David Macfarlane, Sue Macfarlane, Theo Nole, Kai Piepgras, Andreas Richert, Ellen Weijers, Petr Shevchenko & Renate Stollenwerk, as well as modern jewellery by Paula Lakah and Anna Vlachos.