Olivia Monti Arduini



The Venus Italica by Antonio Canova, the line of her nose and the curves of her lip create a solid form that becomes the starting
point for my investigation. I am fascinated by the shape of the human body and the iconic value attributed to them. Beauty is composed of geometrical forms that can be transformed in order to create the sensation of movement. The construction of the collection pieces was made using the software Rhinocerous, then 3D printed in a thermopolymer in attractive colours. The material is light, resistant and pleasurable to the touch.
Heritage meets innovation
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About Olivia
Born and raised in Italy, Olivia Monti Arduini moved to London to study sculpture at Central St. Martin's.
After graduating she developed a passion for ceramics, finding new approaches to traditional techniques. Porcelain is her elected material for its natural beauty and its intrinsic value of elegance and delicacy.

This is where medieval attire meets grandma's knitting. Every piece is handcrafted singularly in the absence of any industrial process.
Her jewellery complements the wearer's body, the velvety unglazed porcelain chains adjust to the body's movement and temperature. The result is both extra-ordinary and pleasurable and doesn't fail to raise interest for its innovative quality and its classical aesthetic ....and they make a wonderful sound too!

Olivia Monti Arduini's jewellery had been feature on The New York Times T magazine, Vogue Italia, Vogue Gioiello, Elle Italia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and others.

Recent Exhibitions and Events:

November 2017, Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China
October 2017, Gioielli in Fermento Master Collection, Off-Joya Ocaña, Barcelona, Spain
September 2017, la Pelle della Moda, Homi, Milan
May 2017, Gioielli in Fermento Master Collection, Ziano Piacentino, Italy
February 2017, Scatenata, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milano
November 2016, Gioielli alla Moda, Palazzo Reale, Milano
November 2016, Pilino Soma, Ceramic Jewellery Exhibition, The Sowl Gallery, Athens
June 2016, Bigiù, Ceramic Jewellery, Palazzo della Guardia, Vietri sul Mare
April 2016, Transit, Creativity Oggetti, Torino
December 2015, White Exhibition, ICKX Contemporary Jewellery, Brussel,
November 2015, Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana, Triennale Milano
October 2015, Loot, Museum of Art and Design, New York
Autumn 2015/2016, Koru5 international contemporary jewellery triennial, various location, Finland
June 2015, permanent collection, La Galeria Factoria, Madrid, Spain
May 2015, XX Concurso de cerámica “CIUDAD DE VALLADOLID”, Spain
March 2015, SENSEability Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany, Schmuck, 12
October 2014, Joya Barcelona, Art Jewellery Fair, Spain
September 2014, Ridefinire il gioiello IVCircuiti Dinamici, Milano, Italy
May 2014, Jewels in Ferment 2014, Premio Torre Fornello, Italy
February 2014, Porque’ lo llaman amor…, Lalabeyou, Madrid, Spain
December 2013, ABOvo Christmas Collection, Todi, Italy
September 2013, Sincrònic, ACC, C/Doctor Dou 7, Barcelona, Spain